How to play a stunning concert?

One of the main factors that influences on the positive assessment of Your band is well-played concert. Public performances are exactly the most memorable events, and a impulsion to wider concern about bands composition. At a concert You have the advantage that You feel the response from the audience.
You perfectly watch how they react to Your sounds and how they give the bear the emotion filled with Your music.

So how to make Your band sounded live extremely good?

1. Make a general rehearsal

This is the fundamental of every public performance. Regardless of whether You’re playing a small gig tomorrow at the music club, or great outdoor concert – rehearsal should be played on the same high level. Assemble a team and spend a few hours to play the only songs, that You will play on stage.

2. Create setlist

Adjust the pieces that would sound best on Your next concert. Take into account the circumstances – whether it is a concert promoting Your new album, a charity concert, a larger star support, or maybe a club event? The set list should include the best songs of Your band to bring You the best possible light. Remember to have in store 2-3 songs for the encore.

3. Prepare and submit technical rider

You have to find out if the place where You will play has everything You need to go on stage. Delivering the technical specification to the sound engineers is generally the task of the band manager. He must take into account the requirements, the stage preparation, and often other, smaller or larger wishes of Your crew, like multi-pack of water for everyone.

4. Prepare instruments for the concert

If Your guitar wears the same strings for three years, and drummer keeps his drums in a dusty basement – it’s time for small cleanings. Clean Your instrument thoroughly and get it ready to play. Take a moment to a technical review. Take a look if any moving parts are not loose.
When the equipment is already set up, cleaned, and tuned – pack it into the carrying case so You can easily move it to the car.

5. Do a good warm-up

Before going on stage it is very important to warm-up. When Your supporting band starts to play the final pieces on the stage, sit somewhere in the corner of back stage dressing room with Your instrument and stretch Your fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders. Play a few licks so You can avoid unforeseen mistakes at the concert.

6. Show Yourself at Your best

This is the most important point so far. Remember that You’re as good as Your last show. Be confident and focus on your role. At the same time, remember to be yourself. Enjoy the music, watch the fans jumping and have fun at the concert as much pleasure. No matter if You play for 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people – Your attitude should always be positive.

I hope You’ll find these few tips useful – prepare yourself to enter the scene and take it! Personally, I love to squeeze myself the last drops of energy, because then I feel that everything happening on stage, I do the best I can.

What are Your best practices for a successful show?

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