How to Choose a Computer for Home Recording?

There are a lot of powerful machines built in the last few years and this entails a lot of possibilities for home recording. A while ago parameters of modern computers were available only for large recording studios. Home recording is lurking in the ether, making the topic of music production more accessible and lasting the level of technical sophistication.

A question about the selection of an ideal workstation for the studio is quite difficult to answer unanimously – due to individual preferences for the brand / design, etc..

It’s worth seeing that we are at the epicenter of constant competition between PCs and Apple products. This never-ending battle between manufacturers of computers propels an economy, thus making a huge rash of brand new gear on increasingly shorter time. According to Moore’s Law, optimal performance on a chip doubles in consecutive years in almost equal intervals.

I have to deal every day with both types of computers, and my opinion is still more favorable toward the PC. It’s because of the easier possibility of upgrading and more control over the system. Mac is more mobile and a bit better looking. Despite this, i would rather have my good old PC.

What parameters does your computer should have to launch DAW?

    1. At least 1 GB of RAM

In practice it should be 4 GB today. Powerful applications are process-devouring and can prevent the smooth functioning of the other apps running in the background. The more RAM you have, the more your computer will be able to handle in the way of plugins, effects and so forth.

    1. 500 GB of hard drive space

I would suggest, however, get a disk with a capacity of 1 TB. The sessions leave a lot of garbage, and one song is a lot of audio tracks.

    1. …and 7200 rpm

It is also advantageous to have fast hard drive.

    1. 3.2 GHz processor

I recommend in this case CPU Intel Dual Core Model. They are very efficient.

    1. LCD 22″ or higher

Your DAW should work on full screen mode, right? With more space on the screen everything is cleaner.

    1. FireWire

Most interfaces connects to the computer using a FireWire port.

    1. Peripherals

A MIDI controller, dedicated keyboard, comfortable mouse etc…

    1. Microphone

When a musician is trying to play his track for the tenth time, you need to help him somehow. Turn on your mic and tell him what to do patiently.

So, we’ve covered the basics of what you should look for when buying or building a computer for home recording. Before you rush out to the store, check your computers specifications to see whether your system is already capable of performing its tasks well.

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